Septic Systems in El Dorado County

Septic System Installation & Repair in El Dorado County

A conventional septic system works by collecting wastewater from your toilets and drains. It keeps solids and scale in the septic tank and directs liquids to the septic drain field. In the drainage field, bacteria break down sewage contaminants and treated wastewater is returned to your property’s soil and groundwater.
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Benefits of Septic System Maintenance

Installing septic tank risers replaces your existing tank lid, (often made of concrete, plastic, metal or fiberglass.)

Maintenance of your septic tank is made easy with risers by bringing your tank lid to ground level surface. No more digging up the yard looking for your lids.

With risers installed on your septic tank you simply unscrew the lid giving you immediate access to the tank for inspection, pumping and if your tank is equipped, cleaning the filter.

Risers are made of heavy duty material, strong yet lightweight and easy to handle.

Septic System Services

Frequently Asked Questions

The three most common types of septic systems found in El Dorado County are Rock and pipe leach field, Infiltrator leach field or EZ Flow leach field.

Sewage and waste flow from your house to a septic tank, (commonly concrete) where solids are separated from liquids and continue to the drain field (s).

Finding and knowing the location of your septic tank is important for regular inspection and maintenance. Sometimes you get lucky and locate the tank location from clues in the area. (mounded dirt, dead grass over tank, indent in the ground from dirt settling)

If the above methods fail to locate your septic tank give us a call. We have the tools to locate your tank.

If your seeing sewage backing up in your septic tank or coming out of the clean out near your foundation you most likely have an issue beyond your tank. Commonly found issues are roots crushing or blocking the line from your septic tank to the leach field. If you have an older septic system, the pipe from the tank may be failing causing a blockage. Call us, we have a pipeline camera and locator to find the blockage location.

Green grass in the dry summer months and water puddling or running from the ground in the area of your leach field is an important indicator your leach field may be saturated and failing.

Yes, generally when a leach field fails to work any longer due to saturation it is replaced with a new leach field in a different location on your property.

The life span of a leach field can vary. It’s common to see leach fields begin to fail in the 30–40-year range.

Regular maintenance is a key factor to preserving the longevity of your septic system. A top priority needs to be having your septic tank pumped every 3-5 years. Regular pumping helps keep the solid waste stored in your tank from breaking down causing damage to your leach field. If your septic tank is equipped with a filter check and maintain it regularly.

Use good common sense, be aware of what you’re flushing down the toilet and drains.

  • Never flush baby wipes, feminine products, oils, fats, and grease.
  • Limited the use of garbage disposals.
  • Chemicals such as bleach and drain un-cloggers can kill your tanks bacteria.
  • Check and maintain your appliances that use water, such as toilets, washing machines, sinks and showers. Excess running water can saturate a leach field.

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